“Well Done my Good and Faithful Servant”

IMG_5626This post is going to be an accumulation of several days. I want you to be able to read and see my heart on June 7th as well as on June 18th.

June 7th, 2016

Last summer, on my very first day of evangelizing, I went to two voodoo peristyles. The first voodoo priest was very attentive, asked a lot of questions but refused to let us pray for him. The second priest, a man named Monsieur Mondeze wouldn’t even look me in the eye. He ignored me as he gambled and played cards with another man. I sat on the ground next to him and shared the gospel and, surprisingly, they allowed me to pray for them. Throughout the summer I’d drive by the peristyle but it always appeared to be empty. At the very end of the summer, my translator, Loubens had a death in the family and was unable to evangelize with us that day. I told Pastor Sargesse that I would follow him where ever he felt led to go. We ended up walking down a small goat path that led into the trees. Eventually we walked into a clearing and there was a large concrete building. I tried to figure out what compound this was and suddenly came to the realization that we had walked to the back of the voodoo peristyle that was the “healing center”. The healing center is a place where if people had been cursed by other voodoo priests or had poison, they could come to the healing center to receive a “cure”, make a sacrifice, or participate in satanic worship. We were invited in the back door and for the first time I stepped foot inside a peristyle and not just merely sat in the yard. There was so much darkness, both spiritually and physically that seemed to choke the building. Mondeze immediately recognized Pastor Sargesse, who lives right down the road, and Pastor Sargesse started preaching to him very animatedly. Mondeze was very attentive, listened to all that Pastor Sargesse said, asked questions, and again allowed us to pray over him. I was amazed at the difference that I saw between that encounter and the one that was just a few weeks before. He seemed like a totally different man. Last Monday, when Pastor Sargesse, Loubens and I were evangelizing, Pastor Sargesse said that Mondeze, the priest at the healing center was sick. It struck me, how incredible it would be to visit him, share the gospel, pray for his healing and for Mondeze to realize that power rests in the name of Jesus and not satan. Mondeze had been relying on the power of satan to heal those who came to visit him, but he wasn’t even able to heal himself. The next morning, we went to visit and this time, we experienced a warm welcome from him. As soon as we sat down, I asked him if he knew how much Jesus loved him, that Jesus in all of His glory, power, and love left Heaven to come to Earth, to be poor, to live a perfect life, to die at the hands of His own people, and was raised again. He responded with yes, he knew how much Jesus loved him and that he wanted to know more of Jesus. I am so humbled that the Lord allowed me to tell Mondeze that Jesus is the ultimate doctor, that He is the one that makes the deaf hear, the blind see, the lame walk, and the dead be raised to life. All power is in Jesus. Jesus defeated death and now holds the keys of death and hades in His hands. He allowed us to pray for him yet again, and when we left I felt strongly that this man, one who is a worshiper of darkness is on the verge of becoming a son of light and praising Jesus only. We left with Mondeze still rejecting Jesus but hopeful that soon, that would change.

I am confident that just like the high places were torn down, that the temples dedicated to satan are going to fall and that those who used to profess the name of satan will turn to Jesus and bow before the only King of kings and Lord of lords and sing of His praises for eternity. 

Please be praying for Mondeze and that all those who worship voodoo will turn and know the love of Jesus! 

June 18th, 2016

Two days ago, Monsieur Mondeze died. Upon hearing the news, my heart hurt. It hurt because there is grief when someone you know dies. It hurt because Mondeze died without fully knowing the love that Jesus had for him. He died never knowing the Father. He has died, never accepting Jesus as his savior and accepting the redemption found in the blood and body of Jesus Christ. He has died and gone to hell. This is the reality of the situation and it breaks my heart. People are dying never knowing Jesus and are spending eternity in hell. People are dying without hope, an abundance of joy, and missing out on the purpose of life- knowing Jesus and glorifying Him. People are dying never knowing Jesus and are spending an eternity separated from the perfect and loving God.

Mondeze was a voodoo priest. This means that he worshipped satan. He led others in satanic worship. I hope and pray that when I get to Heaven, I will hear The Lord say “Well done, my good and faithful servant”. My ears crave to hear this when I die. I have dedicated my life to the expansion of the gospel and my desire is to usher as many people into Heaven as I possibly can. I couldn’t help but think what must have happened for Mondeze. I wonder if when he got to hell, he heard from the mouth of the enemy, “good job my slave”. He had dedicated his life to bringing people into the kingdom of darkness and rejecting the one true God. Did he get to hell and realize that he had been ushering people into the kingdom of darkness, that he had been planting seeds for the enemy just like I hope to be planting and reaping the harvest for the Kingdom of Heaven. The reality of this situation is that if you are not forcefully advancing the Kingdom of Heaven then you are advancing the kingdom of darkness. We cannot live a neutral life, a lukewarm faith. Jesus says in Revelation 3:16 to the church in Laodica, “So, because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of my mouth” (NIV). To be spit out of the mouth of Jesus, to be separated from Him, to have to be forcefully removed from His presence to me, is the worst consequence possible. I refuse for my life to be lukewarm or to to be dedicated to anything else other than hastening the day of Jesus’ return.

Plunder hell and populate Heaven,



One thought on ““Well Done my Good and Faithful Servant”

  1. What a powerful story and message! Keep shining your light in the darkness, Jacklyn. God asks us to be faithful servants and share the good news of the gospel. You are an inspiration to us all!


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